AI-Powered Leads: The Superiority of AI Over Traditional Lead Generation Techniques

17 October, 2023 | Posted By Next Level Leads | Blog
AI-Powered Leads: The Superiority of AI Over Traditional Lead Generation Techniques

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as an indispensable tool in the modern business landscape, advancing from the future to the present. Prior to founding Next Level Leads, I was part of a dynamic sales team at a startup. My primary responsibility involved lead generation, focusing on B2C companies that could be effectively promoted via brief video clips or still photography.

My initial lead generation strategy revolved around exploiting LinkedIn within my network of connections. As a college student, I utilized my alumni network, managing to compile a modest list of potential leads. The common thread between these companies was the presence of a graduate from my university within their marketing team. To broaden my reach, I employed other leading platforms (which shall remain undisclosed). Although these platforms enabled me to discover higher quality leads, categorized by revenue, location, industry, and more, I found that I was investing a considerable amount of time and resources into finding leads, many of which failed to convert. This realization led me to pivot towards AI.

The switch to AI resulted in a remarkable increase in the speed and efficiency of finding leads. More importantly, these leads showed a higher propensity to evolve into meetings and potential clients. The intrinsic value of AI lies in its ability to rapidly comb through extensive parameters and identify companies matching specific criteria. I could feed the AI with a representative company that aligned with my needs and the AI, in return, provided an additional 20 companies similar to the reference company across various parameters.

As I continued to utilize AI, the differences compared to traditional lead generation platforms became apparent. AI offered unprecedented flexibility with regard to the parameters I was seeking. For instance, the startup I was part of was based in the Midwest United States. By merely instructing the AI to search for companies within this region, I was promptly presented with options scattered across Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and more. I could specify companies selling certain products or services, or even request companies with the most outrageous parameter. AI gave me the sense of owning a bespoke, high-end lead generation service.

However, AI, like any other technology, isn’t flawless and is under constant evolution. Users of AI platforms need to be as precise as possible. For instance, if I’m generating numerous lists of companies that fit my criteria, I have to ensure there are no repetitions. This criterion, among others, needs to be explicitly conveyed to the AI. There is a learning curve associated with AI, but it’s undeniable that it currently boasts capabilities that surpass many traditional platforms in the lead generation sector.

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